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The directors and senior management at Seabrook’s have fifty-plus years of expertise in warehousing and logistics to provide clients a professional, friendly, personal service, which delivers a flexible range of supply chain solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.

SWL operate an HM Revenue & Customs approved excise & customs bonds & BRC Grade ‘B’ certified warehouse facility located in Thurrock, Essex, offering a full range of warehousing, distribution and export services to our substantial client base. Thurrock is ideally located for distribution access into central London. Being next to the Dartford Crossing and motorway network allows for easy access to service worldwide imports & exports via the UK’s major east coast and channel ports.

Our modern warehouses are controlled by sophisticated warehouse management systems which track every case from arrival, through storage to dispatch to ensure full traceability of your goods, our site has 24/7/365 alarms, CCTV & manned security to safeguard your goods whilst in our care.

Seabrook’s have served the Beer, Wine & Spirit Industry for five decades, our depth of knowledge is now serving other business sectors for the storage and transportation of their products, such as Dairy, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Manufacturing and Retail.

We have recently installed a Temperature Control system to our 25,000sq.ft Crown House warehouse to maintain a pre-set ambient temperature within a 3-degree tolerance throughout the year, making a perfect storage facility for high value fine & rare wines & spirits, this is a major improvement over and above standard air-con systems.

Excise Bond

(Beers, Wines & Spirits). Using an excise bonded warehouse can significantly improve your cash flow, by allowing the owner of goods to delay the payment of excise duty and VAT whilst stored duty suspended, then defer this further by utilising a deferment account. Find out more.

Customs Bond

A customs bonded warehouse allows goods to be imported and stored whilst deferring the payment of customs duty and VAT until the goods are required for home use within the U.K. At the point of removal from bond the Duty & VAT become payable, which can be against your own deferment account. Find out more.

Ambient Storage

(Food & Beverages, Dairy Products, FMCG, General Cargo) SGL provides all industry sectors with professional, cost effective supply chain solutions, ensuring swift response and seamless movement of high volume products, to ensure your goods are delivered in perfect condition. Find out more.

BRC ‘B’ Grade

If you are in the Food Industry, it’s critical to choose a third party logistics provider who specialise in food grade storage who are BRC certified as a pre-requisite. Find out more.

UK Distribution

SWL provide a distribution service from warehouse to order destination from one case to full loads. We deliver as per client requirements to Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Wholesaler and Retail outlets and private individuals. Find out more.

European Haulage

We have our own in house department to arrange imports & exports of product between the U.K. and the rest of main land Europe. Team members are experienced, knowledgeable and provide a competitive friendly personal service. Find out more.


We take the responsibility of providing a secure environment of all client products as paramount. Externally our sites have secure perimeter fencing and manned 24/7/365 supported by industry compliant CCTV, theft and fire alarms. Find out more.


Insurance is a very emotive, miss-understood and often ignored subject, as cargo is most vulnerable whilst being transported or warehoused. Especially if the packaging is not designed for multiple handling and movements, leading to potential damage or even loss, both of which can have a direct impact on your cost of business. Find out more.

Escrow Facility

Seabrooks offer an internationally trusted escrow facility, which allows buyers & sellers to utilise our neutrality to assist long distance trading. When stock & funds are at Seabrooks we can examine the goods, check the funds to ensure the buyer gets the goods they purchase and seller gets paid as per the escrow terms agreed which we adhere too. Find out more.


United Kingdom regulations on the storage and movement of excise goods (Alcohol) governed by HM Revenue & Customs are both complex and unique, using terminology such as WOWGR, AWRS, EMCS, EAAD, ARC, SEED, MG, making it vital that your logistics provider is fully conversant with all these terms and the required depth of knowledge, appropriate guarantees and procedures in place to ensure your storage and movements always compliant, this is where SWL’s expertise is paramount.


  • UK Duty Stamps (Spirits) – UKDS are required to be affixed to all bottles of spirits with a strength of 30% of alcohol by volume or more, with a capacity of 35cl (350ml) or more if removed from duty suspended status for consumption within the U.K. Exports of spirits from the U.K. must have the UKDS removed, obliterated or destroyed prior to exportation. SWL are approved to affix, remove and record UKDS in compliance with HMRC regulations. Failure to comply can result in financial penalty confiscation and conviction.
  • Scotch Whisky & High Value Spirits – Scotch Whisky alone accounts for 20% of UK drink exports at £4.36 billion, sold in 200 markets worldwide, with Europe, North America, Asia/Oceania accounting for around 80%. SWL specialise in dealing with these high risk products and are fully conversant with various regulations such Certificates of Age and Origin which are required in order to import into various countries.
  • Duty Drawback Claims – SWL are experts in providing clients with bespoke solutions for the refund of duty where duty paid excise goods are to be exported from the UK to a non E.U. destination or moved within the E.U. Our knowledge of the drawback process will assist claimants with their Notice of Intention and the evidence required to support their duty drawback claim
  • Labelling – Application of importer strip labels, neck labels even re-labelling are all services we offer.
  • Order Picking – SWL offer a picking service on orders for collection or delivery from one case to pallet quantities.
  • We Handle – Palletised, slip sheets, loose and even refused loads.
  • ISPM15 Pallets – We carry stock of ISPM15 Compliant pallets. For export loads where the destination requires IPPC stamped pallets we will transfer your stock onto these from standard pallets
  • Destruction of Goods – Duty suspended excise goods require the approval of HMRC and full compliance with their procedures in order to avoid the payment of excise duty and VAT. This requires five days prior notice, the use of an approved destruction facility and is only applicable if the status of goods meets the criteria set by HMRC.
  • Problem Loads – SWL will handle loads which other warehouses refuse delivery. We will handle shot loads, oversized & overhanging pallets, collapsed, wet damaged etc. We will sort, re-pack, re-palletise, adjust, re-load, re-deliver, assist insurance companies and loss adjusters, we deliver a solution to your problem.
  • Specialist Documentation – Our value added services includes obtaining essential documentation required to export or import of various goods, subject to product and destination. For Example – Documents such as Certificates of Age, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Free Trade, EUR1 etc.


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Whatever industry or market sector your business trades within, Seabrooks provide a first-class supply chain solution. Our warehousing & logistic services cover a wide spectrum of business models with a proven track record of commitment and competitiveness.

Our expertise understands the uniqueness and complexity of providing end to end business solutions to global supply chains involving multinational corporations and international brands, to ensure we deliver our clients a friendly, personal service, which is reliable, flexible and proven.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable logistics partner, contact us, we are ready to help.

Seabrook Warehousing Ltd

Admiral House, 853 London Road, West Thurrock, RM20 3LG

Tel: 0208 596 7500

Director – Stuart Seabrook
Sales – Stuart Seabrook
Bond Office – Kelly Hurley

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