Escrow Facility

Our internationally trusted Escrow facility allows buyers & sellers to utilise the neutral services of Seabrooks to assist long distance trading to ensure the buyer gets the correct goods and seller gets paid, we treat each party equally to ensure deals are completed as per the terms agreed. We inspect and verify the stock and control the funds, we only release control over the funds & stock once both parties are in agreement and this has been confirmed. Buyers get the product they ordered, in the required packaging and condition with the correct best before date in warehouse or loaded and shipped when exported. Sellers get confirmation of funds received into escrow, subject to the terms they agreed, to ensure that cargo is not released before the agreed funds are received into escrow.

Escrow is available to Seabrook clients who have a storage account, escrow is available to them whether they purchase stock to be delivered into to SWL or if they sell stock already in their account at SWL.

We can offer limited escrow when goods are at a 3rd party warehouse, subject to conditions. Escrow client accounts are available in UKGBP (£) Pounds Sterling, US$ Dollars & Euros, we will only pay out in the currency received Escrow is Free of Charge when our Logistics services are used. The terms of the escrow deal are between the buyer & seller to agree, we follow these terms.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, you can call or email one of the team.
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