Seabrook Export Services

Who we are -

Seabrook Export Services is a forwarder of fine & rare wines and spirits worldwide with experience spanning over 40 years.

Operating from a secure 15,000 sq ft, temperature-controlled premises, with facilities for both Duty Paid and Under Bond stock, we specialise in the collection, warehousing, preparation and export of fine & rare wines and spirits worldwide.

We currently employ a team of 10 staff who has worked for us for over 20 years, we feel we are strong leaders in the fine wine shipping market as our staff are very knowledgeable and have been highly trained to tell the difference between Petrus and Lafleur Petrus. We are proud to say we employ staff who are loyal, vigilant and take extra care when handling this precious high-value commodity.

We offer a comprehensive service available to both corporate and private Investors and Collectors, we specialize in strip and body labelling, the bottles (which is a legal requirement in the USA), and we also offer an inspection service, which includes checking, labels, corks, seals, and levels.

The security of client stock is paramount which is why we provide a secure environment for the storage of client goods. Our sites have:

>> 24/7 On-Site Security Guards
>> Theft & Fire Alarm Monitored via a Central Station
>> CCTV & Security Patrols
>> Stock Control & Auditing System
>> Secure Perimeter Fencing
>> Number Plate Recognition Cameras

What we do -

Fine & Rare Wine Expertise

Our warehouse team make concise judgments of the suitability of the case/carton for export purposes, this all comes down to the numerous years of experience our team have acquired whilst working with us.

We can offer re-packaging into our own approved reinforced export cartons. Poly packing, bubble bag boxes and bubble wrapping are all part of our service. Our packaging is one of the best in the trade. We have tested all of the latest products over the years and we are completely satisfied with the packaging we now use, as Colin Powell once said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

All documentation is computerised and done on the chief system which is recognised worldwide, we are fully aware of the documentation which is required for different destinations.


All wines stored with us are identified individually with a unique rotation number. All clients have the option of applying for their own individual account & password, where they can check their stock online at their own discretion, we can also offer an escrow service for each individual.

We currently photograph every shipment which leaves our premises, this is then held on our server, so if any claims should arise in the future, we would have the evidence on record, we also use photography regularly to show overseas’s clients some of the conditions of the wines which have arrived into us, or to get them to verify this is indeed the condition of the wine they had purchased.

Trusted Flexible Services

We can organize single bottle shipments, to full container loads, we are very flexible in the services we offer, in addition, we offer clients a service where they can consolidate orders at our premises, and our experienced professional staff can get your wine to you with the utmost expediency and ease.

We offer a daily collection and delivery service. Substantial insurance cover, including Liability and Professional Indemnity, is in force and we can also offer clients competitive premiums on ‘All Risk’ Marine Cargo cover, which is activated only upon written instructions*. The company is a full trading member of the British International Freight Association and trades under B.I.F.A. Standard Trading Conditions.

* Wines are held in our warehouse under UKWA (United Kingdom Warehousing Association) conditions.

Our expertise -


Worldwide export & import by air, sea & road via direct routes using leading air & shipping lines.

  • Express 24-hour door to door service
  • UPS or DHL at very competitive rates
  • UK collections & deliveries
  • Next day collections within London
  • 48-hour collections within the UK
  • Consolidate purchases from different suppliers into one consignment
  • We shrink-wrap the cases on pallets for extra protection and safety
  • We add thermal pallet covers for extra protection of your wines during summer (upon request)
  • We use local logistics specialists to handle the clearance of goods on arrival


We provide specialist storage of fine wines. We pick stock by order. We consolidate purchases from different suppliers into one consignment.

  • We use refrigerated or standard containers
  • 20ft or 40ft reefer or standard containers by sea freight
  • Home packing & removal of cellars
  • On-site safe packing and removal
  • Complete personal service for businesses and private residence
  • We use the online approved HMRC/HMCE system for all our bond & export documentation
  • We offer strip & body labelling (applying & removal)
  • We can apply government warning labels (a legal requirement in the USA) to bottles
  • We also offer removal of labels if required


We are HMRC approved bonded warehouse. We can provide storage of wine and spirit under bond or duty paid.

  • We use our own Bond Movement Guarantee for the movement of wines in bond
  • We can pick orders to specific customer requirements, either by cases or bottles
  • Duty and excise clearance for bond wines to duty paid
  • We use Vision Bond System for all deliveries into our warehouse
  • Our staff are experienced in handling fine and rare wines
  • All wines are professionally & securely packed before leaving our warehouse
  • We use the latest & most secure packaging available on the market
  • Long & short term storage with round the clock security
  • We use CCTV to secure our warehouse and the storage of your wines

Professional & Specialist Offerings

We provide a range of professional services to assist our Overseas buyers. We provide real-time online stock tracking via the internet.

  • A professional inspection of individual bottles
  • We offer condition reports on levels, labels, corks, and packaging
  • A professional inspection of individual bottles
  • We provide photographing of each pallet before they leave our premises
  • We can provide photographs of individual bottles and cases upon request
  • We provide track and trace of your wines online for our customers
  • We provide automated stock arrival notices via email

Business solutions -


Wine Collection Service
We provide wine collection service at any location in the UK. We have many private customers whom we collect wines from their private addresses, safely packaged during transit in order to store them in our secure warehouse.

Wine Delivery to our Warehouse
If you purchase your wines from an auction house, we can receive delivery from any sellers into our warehouse. We can inform you by email as soon as the wines have arrived at our warehouse. Or you can check online.


Opening an Account
Please contact John Wyatt about opening a new account with us. Once you have opened an account with us, we can accept your wines into our warehouse.

Security Policy
The security of client stock is paramount which is why we provide a secure environment for the storage of client goods. We provide long term and short term storage of your wines.

Top Grade Security System
We provide a totally secure environment for your wines. Our sites have 24/7 on-site security guards, and Theft & Fire Alarm monitored via the central station. CCTV & Security Patrols, Stock Control & Auditing System, Secure Perimeter Fencing, Number Plate Recognition camera for all in/out vehicle movements.


Specialist Consolidation Services
We can pick orders to specific customer requirements either by the case or by bottles. We professionally package all wines for shipping. We can consolidate purchases from different suppliers into one consignment.

Strip Labelling Service
We offer strip and body labelling, and warning labels, which could be for applying and removal, to assist customers to conform with local import law requirements.

Professional Packaging Service
We take photos of all the consignments leaving our warehouse. We shrink-wrap the cases on pallets for extra protection and safety. We offer thermal pallet covers to protect wines in summer hot weather during transit.


Stock Online System
We offer an online stock tracking system for our customers. Our customers can view current stock as well as historical stock movements 24/7.

Email Notification
We offer daily stock arrival reports by email to our customers. As soon as the stock is checked into our warehouse, you will be informed of our efficient service.


Our Couriers
We provide Express 24 hours or next day door to door UK mainland service and we can provide UPS or DHL international delivery at very competitive rates.

Professional Despatch Service
We provide all clearance documentation for your consignments. We advise our customers to ensure their consignments are adequately insured on transit.

Contacts -

Seabrook Exports Ltd

Admiral House, 853 London Road, West Thurrock, RM20 3LG

Tel: +44 (0) 203 288 2980

Director – John Wyatt
Sales – John Wyatt
Logistics – Robert Byrne (

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