Seabrook Export Services

Who we are –


Operating from a secure 180,000 sq ft approved premises in Barking, with facilities for both Duty Paid and Under Bond stock, we specialise in the collection, warehousing, preparation and export of fine and rare wines Worldwide.

We currently employ a team of 10 staff who has worked for us for over 20 years, we feel we are strong leaders in the fine wine shipping market as our staff are very knowledgeable and have been highly trained to tell the difference between Petrus and Lafleur Petrus. We are proud to say we employ staff who are loyal, vigilant and take the extra care when handling this precious high value commodity.

We offer a comprehensive service available to both corporate and private Investors and Collectors, we specialize in strip and body labeling, the bottles (which is a legal requirement in the U.S.A),we also offer an inspection service, which includes checking, labels, corks, seals, and levels.

The security of client stock is paramount which is why we provide a secure environment for the storage of client goods. Our sites have:
>> 24/7/365 on site security guards.
>> Theft & Fire Alarm monitored via central station.
>> CCTV & Security Patrols
>> Stock Control & Auditing System
>> Secure Perimeter Fencing
>> Number Plate Recogniton camera for all in/out vehicle movements.

What we do –


Our warehouse team make concise judgments of the suitability of the case/carton for export purposes, this all comes down to the numerous years of experience our team have acquired whilst working with us.

We can offer re-packaging into our own approved reinforced export cartons, polypacking, bubble wrapping are all part of our service, our packaging is one of the best in the trade, we have tested all the latest product’s over the years and we are completely satisfied with the packaging we now use, as Colin Powell once said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

All documentation is computerised and done on the chief system which is recognised worldwide, we are fully aware of the documentation which is required for different destinations.


All wines stored with us, are all indentified individually with a unique rotation number. All client’s have the option of applying for their own individual account & password, where they can check their stock online at their own discretion, we can also offer an escrow service for each individual.

We currently photograph every shipment which leaves our premises, this is then held onto a hard drive, so if any claims should arise in the future, we would have the evidence on record, we also use photography regularly to show overseas’s clients some of the conditions of the wines which have arrived into us, or to get them to verify this is indeed the condition of the wine they had purchased.


We can organize single bottle shipments, to full container loads, we are very flexible in the services we offer, in addition we offer clients a service where they can consolidate orders at our premises, and our experienced professional staff can get your wine to you with the utmost expediency and ease.

We offer a daily collection and delivery service. Substantial insurance cover, including Liability and Professional Indemnity, is in force and we can also offer clients competitive premiums on ‘All Risk’ Marine Cargo cover, which is activated only upon written instructions. The company is a full trading member of British International Freight Association and trades under B.I.F.A. Standard Trading Conditions.

UK Distribution

SWL provide a distribution service from warehouse to order destination from one case to full loads. We deliver as per client requirements to Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Wholesaler and Retail outlets and private individuals. Find out more.

UK & European Haulage

We have our own in house department to arrange imports & exports of product between the U.K. and the rest of main land Europe. Team members are experienced, knowledgeable and provide a competitive friendly personal service. Find out more.

Escrow Facility

Our internationally trusted Escrow facility allows buyers & sellers to utilise the neutral services of Seabrooks to assist long distance trading to ensure the buyer gets the correct goods and seller gets paid, we treat each party equally to ensure deals are completed as per the terms agreed. Find out more.


We take the responsibility of providing a secure environment of all client products as paramount. Externally our sites have secure perimeter fencing and manned 24/7/365 supported by industry compliant CCTV, theft and fire alarms. Find out more.


Insurance is a very emotive, miss-understood and often ignored subject, as cargo is most vulnerable whilst being transported or warehoused. Especially if the packaging is not designed for multiple handling and movements, leading to potential damage or even loss, both of which can have a direct impact on your cost of business. Find out more.

Our expertise –


United Kingdom regulations on the storage and movement of excise goods (Alcohol) governed by HM Revenue & Customs are both complex and unique, using terminology such as WOWGR, AWRS, EMCS, EAAD, ARC, SEED, MG, making it vital that your logistics provider is fully conversant with all these terms and the required depth of knowledge, appropriate guarantees and procedures in place to ensure your storage and movements always compliant, this is where SWL’s expertise is paramount.


  • UK Duty Stamps (Spirits) – UKDS are required to be affixed to all bottles of spirits with a strength of 30% of alcohol by volume or more, with a capacity of 35cl (350ml) or more if removed from duty suspended status for consumption within the U.K. Exports of spirits from the U.K. must have the UKDS removed, obliterated or destroyed prior to exportation. SWL are approved to affix, remove and record UKDS in compliance with HMRC regulations. Failure to comply can result in financial penalty confiscation and conviction.
  • Scotch Whisky & High Value Spirits – Scotch Whisky alone accounts for 20% of UK drink exports at £4.36 billion, sold in 200 markets worldwide, with Europe, North America, Asia/Oceania accounting for around 80%. SWL specialise in dealing with these high risk products and are fully conversant with various regulations such Certificates of Age and Origin which are required in order to import into various countries.
  • Duty Drawback Claims – SWL are experts in providing clients with bespoke solutions for the refund of duty where duty paid excise goods are to be exported from the UK to a non E.U. destination or moved within the E.U. Our knowledge of the drawback process will assist claimants with their Notice of Intention and the evidence required to support their duty drawback claim
  • Labelling – Application of importer strip labels, neck labels even re-labelling are all services we offer.
  • Order Picking – SWL offer a picking service on orders for collection or delivery from one case to pallet quantities.
  • We Handle – Palletised, slip sheets, loose and even refused loads.
  • ISPM15 Pallets – We carry stock of ISPM15 Compliant pallets. For export loads where the destination requires IPPC stamped pallets we will transfer your stock onto these from standard pallets
  • Destruction of Goods – Duty suspended excise goods require the approval of HMRC and full compliance with their procedures in order to avoid the payment of excise duty and VAT. This requires five days prior notice, the use of an approved destruction facility and is only applicable if the status of goods meets the criteria set by HMRC.
  • Problem Loads – SWL will handle loads which other warehouses refuse delivery. We will handle shot loads, oversized & overhanging pallets, collapsed, wet damaged etc. We will sort, re-pack, re-palletise, adjust, re-load, re-deliver, assist insurance companies and loss adjusters, we deliver a solution to your problem.
  • Specialist Documentation – Our value added services includes obtaining essential documentation required to export or import of various goods, subject to product and destination. For Example – Documents such as Certificates of Age, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Free Trade, EUR1 etc.


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Business sectors –

Whatever industry or market sector your business trades within, Seabrooks provide a first-class supply chain solution. Our warehousing & logistic services cover a wide spectrum of business models with a proven track record of commitment and competitiveness.

Our expertise understands the uniqueness and complexity of providing end to end business solutions to global supply chains involving multinational corporations and international brands, to ensure we deliver our clients a friendly, personal service, which is reliable, flexible and proven.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable logistics partner, contact us, we are ready to help.

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