Alcohol (Beers, Wines & Spirits)

Seabrooks have decades of expertise in providing global logistic solutions to the international drinks industry. Our client base is representative of; brand owners, distilleries, wineries, brewers, retail & wholesale and also specialist traders, whether they are import or export.

SGL provide a global import and export logistic solution, from one case to full loads covering all modes of ambient transport, including specialist temperature controlled and ISO tanks containers for bulk liquids, via our extensive network of logistic partners and Seabrook Tank Services.

Our expertise of excise regulations and procedures and our dedicated logistics team of customer service specialists enable SGL to deliver client expectations wherever your market may be.

United Kingdom regulations on the storage and movement of excise goods (Alcohol) are both complex and unique, using terminology such as WOWGR, AWRS, EMCS, EAAD, ARC, SEED, MG, making it vital that your logistics provider is fully conversant with all these terms and has all the required knowledge, guarantees and procedures in place to ensure your movements are compliant, this is where SGL’s expertise is paramount.

Our value added services include escrow, storage, labelling, inspection & verification, re-working, ISMP15 compliant pallets, UK Duty Stamp removal on Spirit exports, Certificates of Age, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Free Trade, EUR1, consolidation of orders from various suppliers, valid UK movement guarantee, duty drawback claims and many more, everything you need to ensure your cargo gets to where it needs to be.

Customers can track and trace their orders via our sophisticated online platform “Boxtrax”

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