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Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor (EBAF) – Fuel Surcharge

By 31/07/2018April 7th, 2020No Comments

Please be advised that many major Shipping Lines have implemented EBAF surcharge effective 1st June 2018 and we expect all the other lines to follow in the very near future.

The EBAF refers to the largest single element of sea freight which fluctuates due to world oil prices which have risen in 2018 by over 40% versus the 2017 average. Shipping Lines advise they are unable to continue to absorb these extra costs on top of already low freight rates, so have no choice but to pass these on as a separate surcharge.

All bookings with sailings on or after 1st June 2018 will be subject to EBAF, but will only be applied by SGL if and when incurred and will be passed on by SGL at cost as an additional charge.

For example:- The below lines have already announced that EBAF will be applicable to all worldwide container movements at the below levels;

20ft DV 40ft DV/HC 20ft/40ft Reefers
Maersk $60 $120 TBA
CMA-CGM $55 $110 $85 per TEU
Hamburg Sud $60 $120 $90 per TEU

Other shipping lines have still to advise their level of EBAF or applicable date, as stated above SGL will only apply the EBAF surcharge if incurred.

The EBAF surcharge will be reviewed by lines on a month by month basis, but applicable till advised otherwise.